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Soul Clip in Deep Tortoise

4.8 (219)
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Looking to elevate your claw clip game? Featuring Kōv Essentials' notorious budge-proof grip, the Soul Clip was curated as a stylish, yet functional, daily essential. 

The Soul Clip is the sleek and minimal alternative to our best-selling Daily Clip; go for the Soul when you want a more subtle look. 

Not sure which size is right for you? Take our Fit Quiz.

Size Small: 2.25" long; perfect for fine, short, thin hair

Size Medium: 2.5" long; perfect for medium thick, mid-length, lightly textured hair

Size Large: 2.75" long; perfect for long, thick, textured hair

If you're between sizes, we recommend sizing up. Still unsure? Take our Fit Quiz.

The Soul Clip is produced with Cellulose Acetate, a more eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastic, which requires care & maintenance.

Due to the nature of the material, slight variations in colour patterns & hues may arise. Additionally, slight variations in the setting of the clip teeth may arise due to the flexible nature of Cellulose Acetate. With this flexibility, you may notice a slight separation in the clip teeth over time, depending on the environment it is used in. The clip can easily be reset in a hot water bath; further instructions will be sent with your order. 

Read more on what to expect with a Cellulose Acetate hair clip here.

Find your perfect fit

Take our Fit Quiz to find your size in the Soul Clip.

Sustainable material

Cellulose Acetate is is a synthetic fibre composed of wood pulp & cotton fibres, making it a more eco-conscious form of plastic (similar to rayon). In the right environment, CA has a heightened biodegradability in comparison to traditional plastics.


This clip comes with a 6-month full replacement warranty.

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Soul Clip in Deep Tortoise

$21.00 USD Regular price

Small but mighty

If our best-selling Daily Clip is too large for your liking, the Soul Clip is our subtle alternative.

With comparable grip strength and hold capacity, the Soul Clip features a smaller body length and functional design.

Kōv Essentials, on you...

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About Cellulose Acetate

What is Cellulose Acetate?

Cellulose Acetate (CA) is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastics. Hair clips made with traditional plastic are not only leaving a negative impact on the environment, but tend to be rather fragile. At Kōv Essentials, all hair clips are made with CA, allowing them to be more durable and flexible. 

Derived from wood pulp + cotton fibres, CA is more heat sensitive, requiring more care than drug-store hair clips made with plastic. 

What to expect from your clip

Just like how your favourite pair of jeans may stretch between washes, you might notice slight stretch in your clip's teeth overtime. This can easily be reset with a hot water bath (further instructions provided with your order).

We recommend against wearing your CA hair clips in the sun or direct heat (i.e. sauna) for extended periods of time, as they are more sensitive to heat than traditional plastics.

Kōv Essentials' clips are elevated hair accessories, requiring more TLC than drug-store clips made with plastic. We believe in full transparency and want to ensure shoppers are aware of this before purchasing their new go-to claw clip.

Inclusions, colouring, alignment

Due to the nature of the material, slight variations in colour patterns & hues may arise. Additionally, as each clip is handmade, slight variations in the setting of the clip teeth can be expected.

Made with a renewable fibre, you may notice mild inclusions.

Customer Reviews

Based on 219 reviews
Elizabeth Miller
Held up through 3 hours of surfing

I wore this clip for a surfing lesson and it did not budge throughout 3 hours of being smacked by heavy waves and falling off the surfboard. Strongest clip ever!


When I tell you this clip is the BEST, I feel like it’s an understatement….. I really don’t have words to describe how amazing this clip is… I have type 4a/4b hair that’s thick and medium density, and most people would consider my hair long. I wear this clip while I’m in taekwondo classes with no hair tie as support, I wore the clip ( Soul clip size XL) just as is and it stayed on through out the whole entire class. Even during the self defense lesson, the clip STAYED in my hair. So if you are still questioning if you should buy the clip, JUST BUY IT. I promise it’s worth it. Same with the Daily clip! I use both everyday and I can’t wait to purchase more colors, Thank you Kov essentials 💕💕

Game Changer. SO worth the money.

This clip is an absolute game changer. I've had it for 6 months now and I use it every single day as part of my everyday hair style or to help with hair styling/makeup application. It holds my hair in place all day and literally does not move - I've never owned a clip that holds my hair this well for so long. Not to mention, this clip has been through the trenches - thrown to the bottom of my purse, dropped on the floor, chewed on by my puppy - and it still looks and works like new. Will definitely be repurchasing in more colours.


I have a mix of 3C and 4A hair. It is long and VERY thick. I have never found a clip that can hold all of my hair both when wet and/or dry. However, THIS CLIP works WONDERS. It holds all of hair with ease, and even after vigorously shaking my head, it still held! I will 100% be buying more.

From us thick headed, curly haired people, THANK YOU🙏🏽

Best Clip

This is the best clip I’ve found. I have a lot of hair and it’s pretty thick. This is the only clip that can hold all my hair without falling. I love to workout in this clip because my hair doesn’t fall out and stays in place even when I’m jumping around. I also love that it doesn’t stretch. I’ve used clips before that stretches out after one use but I haven’t experienced that with the soul clip. I use this clip for everything, sleep, working out, and going out


Your order qualifies for free shipping (US+CAN only). You are $55.00 USD away from free shipping (US+CAN).
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