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5 Reasons to Start Using a Wide-Tooth Comb

If you're on the journey to healthy hair with us (and frankly, all of TikTok), listen up. 1. Less Hair Loss Think about it - your hair is seeing damage from heat products, dye jobs, and the like; the last thing you want is to pull your hair out with a standard brush. Though it may be satisfying to clean your hair out of the bristles, that hair could still be on your head had you used a wide-tooth comb, such as the Lush Comb. 2. Gentle on the Scalp What's better than a mid-shower scalp massage? I'll answer that for you - nothing. Not only does it feel great, but sometimes our scalp needs some exfoliation. Product build-up is a real...

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Can Claw Clips Damage Hair?

If you're working to repair broken or damaged hair and also keeping up with the claw clip trend, it's not uncommon to question whether or not claw clips can further damage your hair.  Hair breakage is often caused by hair accessories, the most prevalent culprit being hair elastics. Hair elastics are a common daily product because let's be honest, having long hair gets irritating. It's crucial to explore options for keeping your locks up if you're hoping to prevent further breakage. Claw clips have come back (and yes, your mom will tell you all about them) and are a great way to prevent breakage and promote healthy hair growth. With this being said, it's important to prioritize materials that are...

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