"When I started Kōv, I wanted to create a luxury self-care brand with products rooted in re-defining classic hair essentials.

For me, hair-care is a daily ritual and with thick and long hair, I have constantly struggled to find a brand with products that work for me. I wanted to feel good using hair-maintenance tools such as combs and elastics; and I wanted to feel confident using hair accessories, such as hair clips.

I have personally put each of our products to the test and I'm proud to say these products truly work; they solve issues for myself and many others alike."

- Chelsea, Founder + CEO


At Kōv, we're working to bridge the gap between aesthetics and functionality by providing hair essentials curated for all hair types.

Prior to launching our first product line in November 2020, we saw a huge gap in the hair accessory industry as it was often seen as a 'one-size-fits-all'. When finalizing our products, we were sure to prioritize functionality for differing hair textures, lengths, and thicknesses.


While working to curate collections for all hair types, sustainability is at top of mind. Every business decision we make includes a conscious effort to lessen the burden of consumerism on our Planet.

Although we're proud of how far we've come as a small, sustainable brand, there is always the opportunity to do better - as we continue to grow, we are investing more earnings into improving our sustainability initiatives.

Read about detailed efforts here.