We advocate for environmental sustainability and are excited to continue developing our efforts in protecting our planet.


We make a conscious effort to ensure our packaging is 100% recyclable, compostable, biodegradable, or re-usable. Scan the QR code on your order's thank-you note to learn how to properly dispose of our packaging.


Our entire lineup of claw clips and hairpins are made using Cellulose Acetate (CA). CA is is an eco-friendly (and durable) alternative to traditional plastics consisting of synthetic fibres produced from plant derivatives such as wood pulp and cotton.


Occasionally, some of our pieces fail our quality assurance process due to cosmetic or functionality defects. Rather than discarding these products, we donate them to our local Women’s Shelter. If you have an organization you're passionate about, we'd love to hear more - shoot us an email here.


It's no secret that shipping increases our carbon footprint. That’s why we offer a carbon-offset option at checkout, allowing you to make your order carbon neutral. Carbon-offset is a way to compensate for the emissions from your shipment by funding an equivalent emission reduction project elsewhere. We invest 100% of the proceeds from this initiative toward environmental projects. Want to learn more about this initiative? Drop us a line here.