Our Story

When I started Kōv, I wanted to create a luxury self-care brand with products rooted in re-defining classic hair essentials. For me, hair-care is a daily ritual and with thick and long hair, I have constantly struggled to find a brand with products that work for me. I wanted to feel good using hair-maintenance tools such as combs and elastics; and I wanted to feel confident using hair accessories, such as clips. I have personally put each of our products to the test and I'm proud to say these products truly work; they solve issues for myself and many others alike. 
- Chelsea, Founder and CEO
We are strong believers in using our platform to promote sustainability initiatives; we use 100% recyclable materials for our shipping boxes and packaging-fill. We don't send any extra branded materials with your order, in efforts to reduce single-use waste.
The majority of our pieces (Cloud Clip, Luna Clip, and Lush Comb) are made from Cellulose Acetate (CA), which is a renewable synthetic fibre developed from plant derivatives such as wood pulp & cotton. Cellulose Acetate has a higher biodegradability level than traditional plastics; CA biodegrades at 1.5-2 times the rate of conventional plastic. 



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