What material are your products made of? 
In our best efforts to reduce our carbon footprint, the Cloud Clip, the Luna Clip, and the Lush Comb are all made from Cellulose Acetate. Cellulose Acetate is a more eco-friendly variation of traditional plastics or resin. CA has a heightened biodegradability and is made with plant derivatives such as wood pulp & cotton.
The Soul Clip is made from plastic - we know this isn't ideal and we are doing our best to change this. Being a new brand, it takes time to develop new materials or new products. We can't wait for you to see what's to come!
The Silk Statement Scrunchie and Luxe Scrunchie are both made from 100% pure silk. 
Are your products hand-made? 
Unfortunately we don't have the capabilities of hand-making our products in house. Our products are all imported goods; we partnered with a manufacturer to design & produce our products. 
Can I use my products in water? 
Our clips are fully waterproof; however, given the spring is made from metal, we recommend ensuring the spring is not wet for longer than 30 minutes at a time and fully dry after use to prevent rusting.
Our combs are also fully waterproof which makes for the perfect mid-shower scalp massage!
Should I worry about having my clip in heat/direct sunlight? 
Due to the material & coating on our clips, there is a risk of shrinkage if your clip is left in direct sunlight or heat for over 24 hours.
Can you pack my order on TikTok? 
As much as we love these requests (thank you for your support!), we unfortunately get many TikTok order filming requests coming in daily. We will do our best, but cannot guarantee your order will be packed on TikTok. We thank you for understanding. 
What currency are your products listed in? 
Our products are listed in USD. As much as we would love to charge in our home currency (CAD), our banking institution mandates we charge in USD for transaction fluency. We're working on this!
Do you ship internationally?
Yes! We are happy to ship worldwide. 
What if I want to send my order to someone as a gift? 
Orders are not shipped with any documentation of monetary value, so gift recipients don't see the cost of goods. 
How do I become a stockist? 
We currently don't have any openings for wholesale - please check back later.
Why is my parcel delayed in transit?
Postal systems are experiencing many delays amid the global pandemic; we are based in ON, Canada and we are currently in full lockdown. We appreciate your patience & understanding as we all work together to get you your parcels as quickly as possible.