Kōv's 30-Day Warranty

We are happy to offer a free 30-day Warranty on all orders (aside from QA Sale items), effective on the date of delivery.


The Warranty protects against manuacturing defects that may have been overlooked by our Quality Assurance Team. The warranty does not protect against theft or personal incidentals (example, a clip breaking as a result of an act of negligence).
Although we pride ourselves in durability, the Warranty is voided if your clip breaks as a result of stomping, stepping, etc. Our clips are meant to withstand such occurrances but outcomes can vary depending on weight applied, specific clip (some are more durable than others), and environment. Please use your clip for its intended purpose only.


To initiate a Warranty claim, please email support@kovessentials.com with photos of your clip and your order number. Do not dispose of any defective items as we will require them to be shipped back to our warehouse to fulfill the warranty claim.


Once the Warranty claim is approved by our Team, we will send out a replacement at no cost (including shipping fees). If the product of concern is sold out, we will issue a refund.


Warranty claims must be resolved no later than 40 days after initial delivery. This includes any defective items being shipped back to our facilities. Failure to ship or failure to respond will close the warranty claim.

Any other questions?