Can Claw Clips Damage Hair?

If you're working to repair broken or damaged hair and also keeping up with the claw clip trend, it's not uncommon to question whether or not claw clips can further damage your hair. 

Hair breakage is often caused by hair accessories, the most prevalent culprit being hair elastics. Hair elastics are a common daily product because let's be honest, having long hair gets irritating. It's crucial to explore options for keeping your locks up if you're hoping to prevent further breakage.

Claw clips have come back (and yes, your mom will tell you all about them) and are a great way to prevent breakage and promote healthy hair growth. With this being said, it's important to prioritize materials that are gentle on your hair. Claw clips made of harsh plastics or metal will likely still damage your hair in one way or another. We recommend seeking a clip made from Cellulose Acetate - as this material is soft and gentle; not to mention, it's more eco-friendly than traditional plastics. Our best-sellers, the Cloud Clip and Luna Clip, are both made with Cellulose Acetate.

If you're a hair elastic lover and refuse to ditch the product, we recommend upgrading to an elastic made with silk. Not only does it prevent creasing, but silk elastics allow the slightest bit more slippage in the case that your hair is stuck, which is much better than having the strand snap. We recommend the Silk Statement Scrunchie or the Luxe Scrunchie, both made with 100% pure silk.